I AM AN ARTIST :: Advanced Workshop

I AM AN ARTIST :: Advanced Workshop

Inverlochy Art School
:: Term 4 :: Wed 10am-1pm :: Oct 24th Dec 12  2012

This course involves an integration of the abstract visual language learnt in the introduction course
I AM AN ARTIST: DRAWING INTO PAINTING” into your current art practice. Initial classes will involve strategies to warm-up, bouncing off collaborative drawing, then considering what fresh vision can be brought to your work to develop it further. Participants will continue to develop their ways to work intuitively and ways to get into the “Art Zone”. Participants will learn how to connect to their artwork, by learning have dialogue with it, creating an intuitive response.

Bring: your own artwork for feedback, to extend your work with new visual influences, and artistic processes. Feedback sessions are an ideal way to get yourself moving. Students are offered ways to extend their artistic ability and develop their artistic expression, one strategy involves having multiple influences blending aspects to create new work.

Dhyana offers ways for artists of all levels, from beginner through to experienced to keep developing your work in their desired direction. Dhyana talks 1 on 1 or with the group to work out strategies that will help them progress, and to move into new areas. Work on your artwork in class, applying and integrating previous learning from the intro course and receive feedback while it is in progress.

Location/venue :: Inverlochy Art School,
3 Inverlochy Place, Te Aro, Wellington
Date :: 24 Oct 2012 – 12 Dec 2012
Entry details: completed the Intro Workshop : Drawing into Painting (to offered at Inverlochy in 2012 term 4, summer holidays and 2013 term 1)

Term 4 
Wednesday    Time: 10am – 1pm

Contact details:
Contact Mark the manager of Inverlochy
Phone: 04 939 2177
Email: manager@inverlochy.org.nz

Contact Dhyana the tutor for more information :
Email: dhyana.beaumont@gmail.com