BYOA :: Bring Your Own Art :: Summer School :: 14 - 18 Jan 2013

BYOA :: Bring Your Own Art :: Summer School :: 14 – 18 Jan 2013

Inverlochy Art School :: Summer School 2013
14 – 18 January

Develop your own art with Ongoing Feedback & group support

Open to all visual art disciplines :: drawing, painting, sculpture, video, print.Missing out on art dialogue &/or doing new works and you would like others peoples response?

Work on a new art project or an ongoing one with access to a group for feedback. Bring along your artwork whether drawing, painting, sculpture, video, print, or documents of installation. Choose your direction and how you want to develop as an artist. Consider your content: what do you want to say/subject matter, genre and stylistic approach and refocus it with feedback. If you are establishing your direction bring previous work to discuss what you may want to develop further, or a new starting point can be triggered.

Feedback individual or group sessions.
Dhyana offers ways for artists of all levels, from beginner through to experienced to keep developing your work in your desired direction. You will develop strategies to progress your artwork and to move into new areas. Dhyana encourages participants to learn from several visual influences that inspire them, this starting point is extended and integrated to develop their own style. Artists, art movements and visual influences can be referenced by the internet for discussion providing new points of inspiration and art strategies, to open out your artistic language and knowledge.

The artist calls the shots on how they want their work reviewed either by presenting the intention behind the work or the group gives their initial response to the work. This second way involves seeing how others perceive the artwork so the artist becomes aware of other readings & then considers the response versus their intentions.

Art Process

The artwork(s) may have multiple feedback sessions, in which participants respond to the feedback, selecting working out what to experiment and integrate further. The artwork can be reworked: incorporating feedback that moved you and with continued feedback as needed. A new direction may develop inspired by the feedback which can then have a new response from the group. Ideally a series of work is generated, as a way to test multiple visual ideas.

Potential Strategies: Drawing as a Thinking Process
:: Bring prints of your artwork to draw on, to test ideas
:: Bring your own laptop & test digitally ways to resolve your artwork
Rework your artwork via drawing either digitally/or drawing on reproductions, testing different ideas; reworking composition and concept, the outcome of this exploration can provide triggers to resolve the original artworks, or drawings can become works in their own right and/or trigger a new stage of artwork. Dhyana can offer assistance with Photoshop as a tool to critique your work, discuss with her to check this is a valid approach for you.

For digital work you will need to bring your own computers (laptop?) with the programs (photoshop etc.) installed. I.e. we don’t provide computers at Inverlochy.

Programme: Summer School
Term: Summer School 2013
Dates: 14 – 18 January
Days: Monday|Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday|Friday
Time: 10am – 4pm ( 25 hours tuition, one hour lunch break each day)
Fee: $345